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  • Advanced centre for management of diseases and insect pests of horticulture crops at Bagalkot
  • centre for quality testing, grading and certification of horticultural products at Bagalkot
  • centre for viticulture and oenology at Bagalkot
  • Climate resilient horticulture promotion centre at Bagalkot
  • Centre for post harvest technology of horticulture crops at Bagalkot & Bengaluru
  • centre for soil, water & plant diagnostics at Bagalkot
  • Centre for Biotechnology at Bagalkot & Bengaluru
  • Centre for vegetable research & development at Bagalkot
  • Horti-business & export knowledge centre at Bagalkot
  • Centre for medicinal and aromatic crops at Bagalkot
  • Karnataka centre of excellence on food for health at Bengaluru
  • centre of excellence on pomegranate under indo israel collaboration at Bagalkot
  • centre for excellence on orchids at Bengaluru


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